Small Changes to Upgrade Your Home

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Small Changes to Upgrade Your Home

(BPT)—Flipping through the
television channels, it's hard not to find a home improvement show about
remodeling and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. From "Property
Brothers" to "Design Star," these popular programs give
homeowners ideas on how to modernize their spaces. If you're planning your own
DIY projects, here are three areas of the home that will give you the most bang
for your buck when it comes to a makeover.


First stop: the bathroom


Bathroom remodels are the most
popular remodeling projects because they have a high return on investment,
according to the National Association of Home Builders. When you're ready to
sell your house, renovating the bathroom typically has a return of 62 percent.
A low-cost way to modernize the bathroom is installing new faucets. Look for a
signature style featuring cylindrical, geometric shapes and distinct 90-degree
angles, such as the new Moen Arris collection, for an iconic, modern update.

Another idea for modernizing the
bathroom is to add additional light sources. Bringing in more light will open
up the space and make your bathroom come to life. The bathroom is often a place
to unwind, and adding the right lighting can set the tone for a spa-like
atmosphere. One way to do this, without breaking your budget, is by simply replacing
the light fixtures. Add a modern touch to your bath with dramatic choices like
chandeliers and sconces.


Second stop: the living room


Modern design doesn't have to mean
uncomfortable. Homeowners love modern interiors for the sleek and streamlined look,
which leads to less clutter and visual stress. Expand the modern theme
throughout the home by updating furniture with unfussy and relaxed pieces. You
don't need to buy everything new. Fabric covers, in an array of prints and
colors, can instantly bring new life to old furniture. For pieces that need to
be replaced, consider purchasing solid and neutral furniture. As trends change,
you can switch out pillows and blankets to stay up-to-date.


Keep neutrals in mind when selecting
paint colors, as well. White, black, brown and gray will go with just about
anything. For a pop of color, paint an accent wall with a bold color, or add
extra personality with drapery or area rugs. Use lamps, paintings and
accessories to give a personal touch throughout the rest of your living space.


Final stop: the kitchen


Opening up shelving is a way to put
a fresh, modern spin on your existing kitchen layout. You can order new
cabinets with glass panels or simply remove the doors from your existing ones.
Just make sure the exposed areas are not cluttered. Open shelving is a perfect
place to display dishes. For a crisp look, try stacks of white plates and
bowls. If you're looking for an edgy feel, try patterned or bright-colored
ones. Adding new hardware to cabinets is also an inexpensive way to improve the
look of your kitchen.


Since you updated your faucet in the
bathroom, consider doing your kitchen the same favor.  . To complement
your new faucet, look to update your counters as well. Granite remains a
popular choice because of its high style and durability.

Integrating technology into home


It's not just about making your life
easier, technology can also aesthetically enhance your living space with modern
touches. Mirror technology allows homeowners to disguise the TV when it isn't
in use. Available for all TV models, it will look like a mirror is in the room
until the unit is turned on. The iCon Bed from Hollandia features a headboard
equipped with speakers, an amplifier and docking stations for two iPads. The
NestLearning Thermostat shares the same designer as the iPod, and automatically
creates a temperature-control schedule personalized around your lifestyle;
while also saving energy.




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