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Selling Your Vacant Home

Selling a vacant home can be challenging. Empty homes lack character and
warmth, and can sometimes seem oddly eerie. So how do you make sure your vacant
home sells? Here are a few tips that can make the process go by quicker, all
while keeping your home at a high selling price.

Sweat the small stuff. Once furniture is removed from a space, even the
slightest imperfections become apparent. Spend extra time fixing up any
noticeable damages, repainting and caulking, getting new carpets, pressure
washing and fixing up anything in need of repair.

Air it out. It’s amazing how quickly an empty house can begin smelling
stale and musty. Before a showing, throw open windows and doors to allow for
fresh circulation, and consider some mildly scented candles or air fresheners.

Amp curb appeal. Since the house may be lacking inside in terms of
character, make sure the exterior packs a punch. Not only should you clear
clutter and debris from your yard, keep grass neat and repair those broken fence
posts, but you should also consider planting new flowerbeds, upgrading that
tired front walk or even hiring a landscaper.

Consider staging. Even if you have moved all your furniture out, you may
want to consider hiring a staging company that offers furniture rental. These
professionals can make an empty space into a scene of warmth and comfort.
Potential buyers are not just looking for a roof over their head. They are
looking for a place to start a new chapter in their life. You want to show them
everything your property has to offer. Since vacant homes often sell for
considerably less—typically 15-20 percent lower than the asking price—hiring a
staging company is usually a solid investment.