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How-To: Prioritize Your Debt

Is all debt created equal? Maybe not. In order to pay down debt faster while
paying the least amount of interest, you'll need to prioritize some debt over
others so that you can pay the least amount in the long run--being strategic
about which ones you pay off first can save a significant amount of money,
potentially hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Here's how you can prioritize paying down debt:

Credit Card Debt – Credit cards are a convenient form of payment, but
chances are this is your most expensive debt, which is why it's so important
that you pay it off as quickly as possible. If you carry a balance on more than
one credit card, first pay off the one that charges the highest interest rate.

Mortgage Loan – If you own a home, this is likely the largest debt you
carry; however, it's usually at a lower interest rate. Paying off your mortgage
sooner rather than later can also save you thousands in interest. Paying extra
each month, making an additional payment every few months, or splitting your
monthly mortgage into bi-monthly payments are all ways you can pay down your
loan faster.

Auto Loan –
Similar to a mortgage loan, auto loans typically charge lower
interest rates. And, like mortgage loans, you can potentially save a
significant amount in interest by paying off the loan faster.

Student Loans – Although it depends on what type of student loans you have,
interest rates are generally low and there are several types of repayment
options. It's important to pay these loans on time each month to help build
your credit.

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Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2013. All rights reserved.