Foundation Cracks
Serious structural problems in houses are not very common, but when they occur they are expensive to repair. Some can’t be fixed at all. This report won’t turn you into an expert, but it will give you some of the common indicators.
60 Amp Electrical Service
Electrical service in your home.
Synthetic Stucco
Synthetic stucco or “EIFS” (Exterior Insulating and Finishing Systems) has been a concern for many homebuyers, sellers and agents alike. Its use increased sharply in the 1990s. In North America, about 300, 000 homes have an EIFS exterior. It is inexpensive and relatively easy to install and attractive. Most importantly, EIFS has been connected to concealed rot in exterior wall cavities.
Village Information
Links to Rolling Meadows, Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates, Elk Grove, Inverness, Barrington, Arlington Heights, Palatine, Roselle, and Streamwood.
Wet Basements
The words are all-too-familiar and many times “blow the deal” between buyers and sellers. But a wet basement or crawlspace does not necessarily mean a significant problem exists. It has been reported that more than ninety-five percent of all houses have had, or will have, basement leakage at some point. If your inspector sites a wet basement or crawlspace, keep a cool head and listen carefully if he or she recommends further investigation.
Old Wiring
Discussion of wiring types
Uplifting Experience (Trusses)
A truss is a prefabricated roof structure, which holds up the roof decking wood, shingles, and top floor ceiling.
Glossary Of House Terms
Glossary of common house terms.
Outlet Buttons - GFIs
GFCI’s are designed to shut power off to the outlet if there is a very small variance, interruption, or “leak” of any electricity, which ordinary outlets don’t detect.
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