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Home Staging for a Modern World

By John Voket, RISMedia Consumer

A recent visit to the Academy of Home Staging (theacademyofhomestaging.com)
revealed some of the latest home-staging trends and how they could translate
into selling your home faster.

The academy blog about 2012 design trends reveals a couple of key points about
color and accessories.

According to the site, 2012 interior design trends regarding furnishings will
favor seating that is much lower to the ground. Home furniture manufactures are
debuting chairs and sofas that offer lower seating arrangements than standard

There is also a growing trend to incorporate the industrial look into
furnishings, not just kitchen and bathroom spaces. With all shades of grey
remaining favorable within interior design, it can be expected to see more
yellow integrated into furniture to enhance this color pairing.

Also, rustic wooden furnishings will be popular this year, the academy advises.

We touched on this earlier this year, but it bears repeating - the accent color
of 2012 is bright, bold and orange. The Pantone Color Institute recommends the
reddish orange Tangerine Tango to replace last year’s pink Honeysuckle.

The Academy of Home Staging explains that this color has a lot of depth, being
dramatic and simultaneously seductive and sophisticated. It’s important to be
conservative in the use of a vibrant color, however, otherwise it can overpower
the surroundings.

Selecting patterned trimmings that incorporate this color will give an edge to
pillows, bedspreads, or tabletop accessories. For a more bold approach,
painting an accent wall in a hallway, kitchen or entrance can create a dynamic
burst of energy, the academy advises.

Finally, never as well overlook ‘dynamizing’ - giving the room in your house
that special look. Make sure that each room clearly conveys its function and

For the bathrooms or toilets, the academy advises displaying fresh towels and
toiletries like they do in hotels. For the living room, put a vase of fresh
flowers on the coffee table.