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New Year's Resolutions Every Home
Seller Should Add to Their List

By Keith Loria

Now that the new year has arrived, sellers are back in full force, pulling out
all the stops in order to get their home sold. Whether you’re listing your home
for the first time or finally ready to get that “For Sale” sign out of your
front yard, add the following New Year’s resolutions to your list.

1. Set Reasonable Expectations: Although the housing market is showing
signs of being better in 2013, we’re still nowhere near the levels of the last
housing boom. Therefore, you need to be practical when setting a price and listening
to offers. Too many sellers still expect to put their house on the market and
have people fight over it within weeks, when the reality is bidding wars just
aren’t that commonplace these days.

2. Don’t be Discouraged - React: If your house has been sitting on the
market for a long period of time, or no one is coming to see it, don’t give up.
Be proactive. Do something to change up the listing—add some new photos,
incorporate video, or hire a professional writer to add panache to the
descriptions that are being used to market your home. In addition, talk with
your agent about why he or she thinks your home isn’t selling and fix anything
that’s reasonable.

3. Communicate with Your Agent: There’s a reason you hired an agent to
sell your home, so be sure to take full advantage of their expertise. Ask them
for their advice as well as tips regarding the best way to sell your home. If
there’s a problem with any part of the process, don’t just bite your tongue;
talk to your agent and iron out any issues.

4. Don’t be Stubborn: Oftentimes, sellers will set a price that they
expect to get for their home and absolutely refuse to budge, no matter what.
While you have every right to set the price you want, if you list a $400,000
home and someone comes in with an offer of $370,000, don’t just write them off.
Take some time to research whether their offer is more in line with what houses
are selling for and listen to their reasons (if the agent provided them) for
the lower price. When it comes down to price, there’s nothing wrong with
negotiating a figure that will work for both parties.

5. Leave the House: When sellers have their house on the market for a
long period of time, eventually they may give up on the notion that they have
to leave the house during a showing. However, it’s important to get out of the
house no matter how long it’s been on the market. Being present for a showing
not only makes it harder for the real estate agent to do his/her job, it can
also lead to an uncomfortable situation for those viewing the home.

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