Why Homebuyers and Sellers Should
Work with a Real Estate Agent

While it can be tempting to go it alone when buying or selling a home, the vast
majority of real estate consumers ultimately recognize the many benefits of
working with a professional real estate agent. According to Lexington,
Mass.-based REALTOR® Kristin Brown Orr, while it may initially seem appealing
to save some money, pursuing a real estate transaction without the assistance
of an experienced real estate professional could actually end up costing you
money…and causing lots of unnecessary stress.

Orr offers the following important reasons for working with a credible real
estate agent and what they’ll bring to the table:

• Professionalism. Agents work for brokerages and are licensed professionals,
Orr explains, which means they have a broker to answer to and are bound by law
to act in the best interest of their clients. “Licensed agents have access to
the tools of the trade – such as The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Database –
that is available only to professionals as well as the latest marketing techniques,”
she explains. “They also have the benefit of a wide network of other real
estate agents, mortgage brokers and attorneys from which to draw information.”

• Negotiation. Negotiating can be delicate or tedious between buyers and
sellers, but real estate agents have specific experience in this arena, says
Orr. “An agent can play the role of the ‘bad guy’ when it comes to negotiating,
avoiding hard feelings between the buyer and seller. Real estate agents are
skilled in conveying clients' concerns in a professional manner to ensure
happiness for both parties – and ultimately that sale.”

• Knowledge. Real estate agents are highly knowledgeable when it comes to
important information such as where the best neighborhoods are, what school is
being closed or re-built, new developments or subdivisions popping up, and
other critical local information. As Orr says, experienced agents know what
comparable homes looked like, what they sold for and why. “A good agent knows
the dirty little secrets and coveted features of different neighborhoods and
communities. That agent may just have that ‘gem’ tucked up his or her sleeve
that a buyer is looking for.”