Why Appliance Warranties are Key for
New Homeowners

These days, making the decision to purchase a new home can be much more
stressful than it once was. There are countless factors and steps that need to
be taken into account before you settle in. A major factor is around finances
and how you, as a new homeowner, will make sure your home's appliances are in
check and that your home system components are maintained while avoiding
needless spending.

That new kitchen or laundry room may seem like it will last forever; however,
if six months down the line when your dishwasher breaks or your refrigerator is
acting up, you may find yourself stressed—both mentally and financially. One
way to relieve stress and protect against unexpected repairs is to ensure your home
system components and appliances are backed by an appliance warranty. A
homebuyers warranty or appliance warranty will cover replacement or repair
costs and give you access to a network of service contractors.

Many homeowners do not realize that simple homeowners insurance does not cover
the repair or replacement of all your major home appliances due to normal wear
and tear. The manufacturer’s warranty that comes with the appliance also
expires within a year or two, and if you purchase a home with aged appliances,
this can be a major issue.

If you’re considering an appliance warranty, there are a few options. You can
either get an extended warranty for each appliance, or choose a home warranty
which covers all appliances in your house. Some home warranty companies let you
choose the appliances you want to cover. This can be helpful; if you choose
fewer items, you reduce your premium.

An appliance warranty can not only help save you money down the road for when
repairs might be needed, but can help relieve stress and provide you with
reassurance when investing in a new home. It's your home; you can make sure the
appliances within it are taken care of.

Source: American Home Shield