Helping Sellers Maximize Their
Profit Potential

By Cyndi Sadowsky Berardi

For most people their home is their largest investment. It is most likely going
to bring the greatest return on investment and it is perhaps the only
investment that allows you to enjoy it while it increases in value. Therefore,
homeowners should put a lot of thought and consideration into the eventual
possibility of selling the home. After all, we all sell at some point, right?

Your sellers may be thinking of selling in a month, six months or six years,
but the process is the same and the main objective is to get the maximum return
on the investment. This translates to faster, higher commissions for you.

Staging has become an important factor in home sales. However we take a different
approach to traditional staging. We actually don’t even like to use the word
“staging.” Staging implies false or façade, which most savvy buyers can see

We like to call it detailing the home, or creating a lifestyle that buyers
want, presenting the home as a “hot commodity.”

We do this by helping homeowners make decisions that will not only improve the
way they live in their homes, but ultimately increase its value. Keeping a home
updated and organized throughout the years will help to give the home the
curiosity factor that makes people interested in seeing more.

As we all know, good curb appeal and updated kitchens and bathrooms help sell a
home. They don’t need to be high-end or luxurious. Just updated, clean and well
designed is enough. The investment made in these updates will definitely
translate into cash at closing and could be the difference between a fast and
profitable sale, versus a listing that languishes on the market.

Investing in preparing a home for sale can be a tough nut to swallow for
homeowners in this challenging market, but they can’t really afford not to.
Frequently, we hear that a homeowner did not know that the cost of preparing a
home for sale—including the cost of professional staging—is often tax

In addition, it can often be charged on a credit card and paid off slowly or
once the home sells. This minimizes the out of pocket costs for the homeowner
and gives them the confidence that they have increased their profit potential.

We have found that the magic formula for selling high in the current market is
what we refer to as the “selling trifecta.” A fair market price, excellent
marketing and a well prepared “staged or detailed” home is the winning

Help your homeowners sell high and fast by providing them with the tools they
need to be market ready, and you too will reap the benefits when you hit the
closing table.

Our top 5 ways to boost your sales appeal:

1. Curb Appeal - People do judge a book by its cover, so the outside of the
home becomes as important as the inside. Seasonal color, a well manicured lawn
and landscape, and a freshly painted front door all add value and interest to
the home.

2. First Impressions - Make the entryway of the home inviting. Add a mirror.
Buyers really do like to literally "see" themselves in a home they
are interested in. Remove all personal items such as coats, shoes, sports
equipment, etc. This will give buyers the impression that the home offers
plenty of storage solutions. Adding flowers or natural elements will also add a
welcoming touch. Don't forget to attract a buyer’s sense of smell. Consider air
fresheners that are subtle with a natural scent like cinnamon or vanilla. Stay
clear of florals. These small tricks will give buyers a positive first impression
and make them interested in seeing more.

3. Kitchens sell homes - A well designed updated kitchen will pay for itself
and then some. Changing out cabinet hardware is an inexpensive way to change
the look of the kitchen. An interested buyer will open up drawers, cabinets and
closets so remove anything unnecessary and give the illusion of a clutter-free
lifestyle. Also, keep the counter tops clear of clutter and most appliances.

4. Bathrooms - In most cases, today's buyers are looking for homes that they
can move into and live. They may have long term goals of renovations and
updates, but they want to feel good about the investment that are making.
Keeping the fixtures updated is essential to giving a bathroom that “move-in
ready” feel. Again, by reducing the clutter and personal items, buyers will see
the potential.

5. Furniture placement and flow - Edit down furniture and accessories to help
buyers envision their things in the home. There does not need to be something
on every wall or every corner. Leave passageways and hallways opened enough to
allow two people to pass. It may look bare to the homeowner, but will look
fresh and organized to a buyer.

Also, always keep paint colors neutral and current. Paint is an inexpensive way
to freshen up a space and neutral colors always give a good first impression.

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